South Jersey Tennis Ladder

The South Jersey Tennis ladder is a free tennis singles and doubles ladder for Men and Women of all levels and ages. Players challenge each other and work their way up the rankings. At the end of the season, a ladder tournament begins, using the ending rankings of the players for seeding.


Info & Rules

All ladder information and the rules that govern the ladder can be viewed on this page. Rules are subject to change.

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Standings for all players throughout the ladder season are available on this page, updated daily.

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Match History

All matches played on the ladder can be found here. There is a search bar that can be used to search for names or dates.

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At the end of every ladder season there is free season end tournament using the ending rankings for seeds.

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Who maintains this ladder?

The South Jersey Tennis Ladder was created in 2016 by Troy Clemmer, a Software Developer from NJ. Troy currently maintains the ladder (as well as plays in it).

Troy Clemmer

Software & Web Developer