Info & Rules

  • The ladder is free, and anyone at any level can join, at any time.
  • Check the home page or standings page to check whether the season has started.
  • You don't have to live in New Jersey to join this ladder.
  • This ladder is for singles and doubles. Currently only the men's ladder has started, because we don't have enough women interest yet.
  • Check out the frequently asked questions section for answers to common questions people ask me.
  • Contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions at

  Joining the ladder
  • To join, just fill out the form on the sign-up page. If you don't have a usta rating, just choose a rating based on this chart or my very generic outline below:
    • Beginner Ratings 2.5, 3.0
    • Intermediate Ratings 3.5, 4.0
    • Advanced Ratings 4.5, 5.0
      Note: USTA ratings are just used as a guideline so players have an idea of where other players stand. They can sometimes be inaccurate. I may adjust your rating based on ladder performance.
  • As soon as you sign up, you can begin playing matches, even before your name appears on the site. It normally takes me a few hours to a day to update the site scores/standings.

  Setting up a match
  • To set up a match, contact one of the other players from the standings page.
  • The challenged player may decline a challenge if the challenger is greater than a certain number (explained below) of ranks below him. If the challenger is a certain number (explained below) or less ranks below the challenged player, the challenged player must accept the challenge.
    • Top 15 ranked players can decline if challenger is greater than 10 ranks away.
    • Rank 16 and lower players can decline if challenger is greater than 20 ranks away.
    • Treat unranked players as the last possible rank on the standings plus 1 (example: if the last ranked player on the standings is rank 50, all unranked players are effectively rank 51).
    • These numbers are subject to change as more people join the ladder.
  • Once a challenge is accepted, the challenged player will give their availability and the players will work out when and where to play.
  • If two players' schedules do not link up for whatever reason, you may have to drop the challenge or email me.
  • If a player fails to complete challenges without a valid excuse, he may lose his ranking.
  • Unranked players that are experienced should try to challenge much higher up the ladder to get to around their skill group.

  Match rules
  • Both players bring a new can of balls to the match. The winner gets the new can, the loser gets the used balls. The lower ranked player should open the new can. If your opponent didn't bring a new can to the match, you can use a used can for the match if you want so you aren't left with no new balls if you happen to win. For this reason, you should check that both players have a new can before the match starts.
  • A match will be best of 3 sets. A 7 point tiebreak will be played at 6-6. If and only if BOTH players agree, you can do a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of the third set.
  • If a player is more than 15 minutes late to a match, the player who showed up may choose to default the other player.
  • If a player cancels a match a reasonable time before the set match, there will be no match recorded. If a player doesn't show up / cancels right before the match, the other player may wish to claim a free win.

  Reporting scores
  • To report scores, the winning player should fill out the form on the enter scores page.
  • I enter scores to the site in the order I received them. If you enter scores a few days late and I already entered scores from previous days, I may change the completed day of your match to a more recent day. This is because matches need to be entered in order so players are moved up and down according to their seeds in the order the matches were played. Try to enter scores on the day the match was played, or the following morning.
  • It normally takes me a few hours to a day to update the site scores/standings.

  How to move up
  • After a match, if the winning player had a lower rank than the losing player, the winning player moves to just above the losing player, effectively taking their rank and moving them down one.
  • If the higher ranked player wins, there is no change (no harm in challenging up).
  • If a player has never played a match on the ladder, they will be unranked. When an unranked player plays their first match, they automatically go above all unranked players, win or lose. If two unranked players play each other, they will both move up to the end of the ranked section.

  Standings & scores
  • The current rankings can be seen on the standings page.
  • All player names are clickable, and take you to that player's page where you can see all of their match history and player information.
  • All matches that are played are available on the matches page in a searchable format. For example, you can search for your name in the search bar and it will show you all the matches you have played.

  • For the most part, the doubles ladder works the same way the singles ladder works.
  • The doubles rankings can be found on the doubles standings page.
  • If you already are on the ladder for singles, you must sign up again for doubles.
  • The same sign-up page is used to sign up for doubles. The last question asks if you are signing up for singles or doubles- if doubles, it will ask you to indicate your partner's information.
  • Doubles teams will be ranked as a team. If you wish to switch partners at any point, your current team will lose it's ranking and will be removed from the ladder and replaced with your new team.

  • If a player is caught cheating they will be permanently removed from the ladder.
  • Examples of cheating includes but is not limited to: forging matches, forging scores, reporting a ladder match that was never played or claiming you never played a ladder match that you did.
  • I will be the sole decider in determining if a player has cheated and I have the right to remove a player from the ladder at any time based on my own jurisdiction.
  • It is possible that two players have a misunderstanding and one player wants to play for practice and the other for a ladder match. There is no way for me to police this situation unless there is proof that indicates it was agreed upon as a ladder match.

  Quitting the ladder
  • To quit the ladder, just send me an email at saying you want to be removed from the ladder. The following will happen when you quit the ladder:
    • You will lose your ranking. If you quit, and then rejoin, you will start at the bottom.
    • I will remove your name from the ladder mailing list.
    • All matches you played will still exist and be viewable on the site.
    • I will move your name to the bottom of the current year's standings and indicate you are removed (this is so I can keep current match history of matches played for the year you played). You will no longer appear on any future standings. If it is between seasons I will just not include you on the new season's standings.
    • I will remove your contact information from the site completely.

  • All ladder members that have played at least 3 matches against at least two different opponents by the announced deadline date will be eligible to play (play 3 matches against at least 2 different players).
  • The tournament seeds will be by ladder rank.
  • The tournament will start at the beginning of September and you will have to complete one round every week (or two). It is up to you and your opponent to schedule it. It will last until sometime in October.
  • The tournament will have a consolation draw for all the players that lose in the first round. This will create a "B tournament" draw, which should help the players who are in the middle or bottom of the ladder have a good chance at winning something.
    • Players who receive a bye the first round are not guaranteed a B tournament spot, but may be given one if other players drop out.
    • If you default or retire in your match, you will not be added to the consolation draw. If a player gets a default win their first match, and then loses their second match (first match they actually played), they can play in the consolation draw.
  • Tournament matches will count towards your record on the ladder for that year and each tournament match will be recorded on the site.
  • Players will move up and down based on the results of their tournament matches in the same way as normal ladder matches, in the order I receive scores.
  • The top 5 ranked players on the ladder are required to do the tournament, or they must be moved out of the top 5 before starting the tournament. This is because the only way to move up on the ladder is to beat someone above you, so if the top players just didn't do the tournament, they would never lose their rank.
  • Tournament brackets and results will be viewable on the tournaments page.
  • All tournament matches will also appear on the matches page and on a player's match history page.
  • To be added to the draw, just submit your name to the tournament sign-up form.
  • Once the tournament starts, you may no longer submit scores for normal ladder matches until the next season (you can still go play for fun!)
  • If a player decides not to play a scheduled tournament match, they will not be penalized as long as they let me and their opponent know. If they set a match time and don't show up or show up too late, they may receive a loss.

  1. Can we sign up at any time?
    Yes. The ladder only runs while the weather is nice but you can sign up at any time.

  2. Do I have to live in New Jersey to play?
    No, you can live anywhere. There are currently members on the ladder from PA and DE, just remember that while not required to play in New Jersey, if you are playing a player from New Jersey, you should come to them rather than them come to you.

  3. Where do we play our matches?
    The location of your matches are decided amongst you and your opponent. If one of the players doesn't live in South Jersey, that player should try to play closer to the South Jersey player. If you click on a players name on the standings page, you can see where they like to play.

  4. Does the site set up matches?
    In the regular season, no, we as the players contact other players to set up matches. In the season-end tournament, your opponents will be predetermined.

  5. What if I'm busy and can't play when someone wants me to?
    We all have lives outside of the ladder and even tennis. It is expected that challengers will know this and will be flexible with times. Sometimes certain players' schedules will just not link up or they live too far away. A challenger can always challenge another player.

  6. What if a player never responds to challenges?
    It is possible that a player misses an email, it goes to spam or they are away. If it becomes a big problem (such as a player holding onto a high ranking and ignoring all challenges) report it to me at so we can sustain the integrity of the ladder.

  7. How do I report the results of a match?
    Simply fill out the form on the enter scores page.

  8. Does my ranking reset every year?
    Ranks will carry over to the following year, but records for that year will be reset to 0-0. You will always be able to look at data from a past year as well as your overall record. Players who have never played a match on the ladder in any year will remain unranked, and new players that join will be added to the unranked section sorted by USTA rating. There will be a date a reasonable amount of time from the start of each new season that I will move all players who haven't played a match this year to the bottom of the ranked section to ensure no one is highly ranked and stopped playing. I will notify players several times through email before doing this, and it will only be after a reasonable amount of time with plenty of time to play just one match.

  9. Can I count a USTA or non-SJTL tournament match as a ladder match?
    If the match uses SJTL rules (sets to 6, best of 3), both players are on the ladder and BOTH players agree BEFOREHAND to also count the match as a ladder match, this is fine.

  10. What happens if it starts raining in the middle of my match?
    If it starts to rain in the middle of a match, the players are to write down (or remember) who was serving, the set score, and the game score. They will reschedule the match for another day and warm up as usual but start the match from the exact position of the interrupted match. When entering scores, enter the date the match was completed.

  11. What happens if an opponent can no longer play during a match?
    If an opponent becomes injured, quits, or cannot continue the match, he will forfeit the match. If it is because of a dispute, see below.

  12. What happens if there is a dispute?
    Unfortunately, it's up to the players to be adults and police their own match. In the case of disputes, they will be assessed on a case by case basis by me, and I will have final say in the ruling and outcome of the match.

  13. What happens if I run out of usable racquets during a match?
    If a player breaks all strings/racquets and cannot find someone to lend him a racquet for the rest of the match, he forfeits the match. The player's opponent is not required to lend his own racquets, though he is allowed.

  14. What if I'm injured or are no longer available to play?
    Send an email to me at and I will indicate on the standings that you are unavailable. As soon as you play a match, you will be automatically marked as available again.

  15. What if I scheduled a match that I can no longer make?
    Things happen. As long as you let your opponent know a reasonable amount of time beforehand that you can no longer play the scheduled match, there will be no penalty.

  16. What happens if I never play?
    There aren't any penalties for not playing unless you are high-ranked and ignoring challenges, in which case your rank may have to be adjusted.

  17. What if I only want to do the tournament?
    If you are only interested in the season-end tournament, just play 3 matches before the season ends.

  18. How do I update my rating or player information?
    Send an email to me at with any changes.

  19. What if I have a suggestion for the ladder?
    I am always open to suggestions to improve the ladder, just send me an email and I will consider your suggestion.

  20. How do I contact you?
    Email me at

  21. I love the ladder so much is there anything I can do to help?
    If you wish to donate to the ladder, you can do so by donating through PayPal. Even small donations mean a lot. Thanks!

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